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WeatheringsFutureCycle Press

Edited by poets David Chorlton and Robert S. King, Weatherings is three anthologies in one – Homeland: Writings About Homelessness,  Metamorphosis: Writings About Ageing, and Our Place: Writings About the Earth.

These writings have not been gathered under the illusion that literature can do anything to house those who sleep on the streets, turn around the trend towards a dramatically changing climate, or grant comfort and reassurance to the elderly. These themes have been chosen, however, in part because they rarely receive due attention in the political language of our time. There are elected representatives who would love to take away Social Security and think about how to do it between speeches that go against what the majority of scientists see as being beyond argument with regard to rising temperatures and what that implies for life on this planet for all species…

…As editors, we wanted to make the point that one can address problems with imagination and good writing. Poetry, especially, has become isolated from society as a whole and has a following primarily among other poets. This need not be the case, as we think that these pages contain work that can be appreciated by the public at large as much as by fellow writers. Weatherings may set an example both in establishing priorities and in using language to better observe and understand them. Being sensitive to the natural world is the first step toward preserving it…

…This is a book conceived as having a use beyond giving its contributors another line in their resumes. While its themes are familiar to everyone, the viewpoints here should open new ways to think about them.

Poets and writers featured in the combined anthology are:

Homeland: Writings About HomelessnessBint Arab, Shawn Aveningo, Mary Jo Balistreri, Ruth Bavetta, Nina Bennett, Nancy Bevilaqua, Alan Catlin, David Chorlton, Joan Colby, Steven Deutsch, M. Ayodele Heath, Janis Butler Holm, Paul Hostovsky, Laura M. Kaminski, Lidia Kosk, Lee Kottner, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, Cynthia Linville, Marjorie Maddox, J H Martin, Catherine McGuire, James B. Nicola, Scott Owens, Connie Post, Sarah Russell, Paul Saluk, J. J. Steinfeld, Julie Fowler, Wally Swist, Sherre Vernon, Lillo Way.

Metamorphosis: Writings About Ageing Peggy Aylsworth, Nina Bennett, Marion Brown, David Chorlton, Carl Chrisman, Beth Copeland, James Croteau, Anthony DiMatteo, Heather Dobbins, Bonnie Durrance, Laura Foley, Taylor Graham, Karen Greenbaum-Maya, Nancy Gustafson, Lois Marie Harrod, Karen Paul Holmes, Paul Hostovsky, Ann Howells, A. J. Huffman, Joseph Hutchison, Robert S. King, Judy Kronenfeld, Lori Lamothe, Linda Lowe, Stephanie Madan, John McKernan, James B. Nicola, Lynn Pedersen, Richard King Perkins II, Jean Queneau, Mary Ricketson, Kristin Roedell, Suzanne Schon, Lucille Gang Shulklapper, Judith Skillman, Carol Steinhagen, Carole Stone, Meryl Stratford, Laurence W. Thomas, Sara Toruño-Conley, Lillo Way, Abigail Wyatt, James K. Zimmerman.

Our Place: Writings About the Earth Paula Ashley, Ruth Bavetta, Marion Brown, Jefferson Carter, David Chorlton, Allison DeLauer, Bill Glose, Lynn Hoffman, Karen Paul Holmes, Joseph Hutchison, Laura M. Kaminski, Lee Kottner, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, Lori Lamothe, Laura LeHew, James B. Nicola, Scott Owens, Lee Patton, Lynn Pedersen, Linwood Rumney, Eric Paul Shaffer, Wally Swist, Lillo Way, Martin Willitts, Jr., Diana Woodcock, Ray Zimmerman.

Published by FutureCycle Press, and part of their Good Works project, all proceeds from sales of Weatherings are donated to Friends of the Earth. Copies of the 214-page anthology cost, either, $19.95 (print), or, $2.99 (Kindle), and can be purchased here.

ISBN 978-1-938853-40-1