Underwood : Bricks & Stoves & Barred Windows

Bricks & Stoves & Barred Windows

Underwood is a place for writers to showcase their work and a place for readers to enjoy their creations.

Their third issue is out now and showcases poetry and fiction by Jeff Fleischer, Joseph Crisafulli, Matt A. Hanson, Spencer K. M. Brown, Annette Sisson, Matt Dodge, Randy Lee White, Brody Smithwick, Byron Lafayette, Katelyn Andell, Kevin Baggett, Karen Frederick, Chris Espenshade, Cheryl Sim, Rebecca Bihn-Wallace, Austere Rex Gamao, David Elliott, Deni Dickler, Fabrice Poussin and David Davies, as well as Bricks & Stoves & Barred Windows, a new short story by J H Martin.

Free to read and free to share, make sure to check out Issue 3 of Underwood here.