Bare Concrete Blue


Come on now son
Let’s beat away time
With the soles of these boots
And sing us a song
To shake off the dust

For how many years
Can these months truly last?

For all of these memories
And all of their longing
To feel what they once felt
Are no more than bare trees
To this cold winter blue

For now
The ancient has gone
And the new quickly fades
No matter how many things
We may like to
Construct from this world

So let us just walk then
You – my shadow – and me
Through these concrete dream streets
And these phantom filled crowds

For any hope is not here
But beyond that clear frosted sky

In those palaces of silver
In that river of gold


© J H Martin

Bare Concrete Blue was first published in Rue Scribe; an online journal of small literature. The poem comes from 八詩 ; a short collection of eight poems by J H Martin, which you can read and download for free here