Photography: Exposure


Edge of Humanity Magazine is an online platform that features writing, photography and artwork that deals with all aspects of the human condition, as well as the pressing social issues of our times.

Constantly updated, Edge of Humanity Magazine showcases work by artists, writers and photographers from all over the globe. This week, they give exposure to the photography of J H Martin, which you can view for free here.

Poetry: Shadows of Dust

Shadows of Dust

Edge of Humanity Magazine is an online platform that publishes a very wide and very diverse selection of writing and art that deals with all aspects of the human condition, as well as the pressing social issues of our times.

  Although corruption, greed and power have existed since the beginning of mankind, these and other destructive forces have systematically increased to out of control proportions in today’s financial, political and technologically interconnected world. Likewise, there is a tremendous urgency for people of all cultures to work together though open dialogue to continue to counterbalance inequality and make the world a better place for present and future generations

Constantly updated, Edge of Humanity Magazine showcases and supports art, writing and photography from artists, writers and photographers from every last part of this globe. including Shadows of Dust; a poem by J H Martin, which you can read here.

Photography: Easter Egg Alley

Easter Egg Alley

Meat For Tea: The Valley Review is an arts and literary journal based in Easthampton, MA, serving both local and international artists and writers.

Its’ latest issue named. ‘Street’ is out now.

Available in both print and digital formats, it features street based art, poetry, prose and photography from writers and artists from all over the globe, including, ‘Easter Egg Alley’; a photograph by J H Martin.

Print copies of the ‘Street’ issue cost $12, digital copies cost $5, and both can be purchased from the Meat for Tea website here.

Art: Machination



Havik is an annual literary anthology assembled and curated by Las Positas College, Livermore, California. 

Their 2018 anthology: Rise, is out now, and features a diverse and vibrant mix of art, creative non-fiction, poetry and fiction from artists all over the world, including Machination; a new piece of visual art, by J H Martin.

To find out where and how you can both find and purchase your copy of Rise, please follow Havik on either Instagram or Facebook.