Published Works

City Stained Rouge – Underwood

For the Record – Rue Scribe

Mad Swirl – Ten – Tiger Bones

Dragons – SunLit Fiction

My People – Poached Hare

Country of Mind – Genre: Urban Arts

Near Dark – Mad Swirl

Hooded Eagle – Rue Scribe

Monday – Monday – Genre: Urban Arts No. 4

阳光 – Curating Alexandria (Vol. 1)

Machination – Havik: Rise

Dawn Burial – Havik: Rise

OK – Crap – Internet Void

Le Soleil – The Scene & Heard

#Sharing is Caring – Foliate Oak

Moonlight Shifting – Mad Swirl

Unstamped Postcard – Mad Swirl

虚 – Obra / Artifact

Dew Drops (4 Poems) – Empty Mirror

Cagliari – Kunming – Siem Reap – Raw Dog Press

St GeorgeEver Still Ever Then – Mad Swirl

Ladies & Gentlemen – Mad Swirl

Sun Oiled Snake Skin – Mad Swirl

January – Be Untexed

À Bientôt, J’Espère; Kowloon, Glasgow & In Between – decomP magazinE

心潔 – First Class Lit

Letter of Exile – Mad Swirl

Un Aller Simple – FORTH

Blood Sky Blue – Mulberry Fork Review

Your Favourite Model Is Online – FORTH

势如破竹 – The Blotter

Betel Nut Stains – Bengal Lights

The Man of Mystery – Black Heart Magazine

Lifeline – Dialogual

Un Autre – Weatherings, FutureCycle Press

Drinking Shadows – FORTH

No Fixed Abode – #Routineology

Protection – Prole, Issue 16

雲鬢花顏金步搖 (The Prettiest Girl in Town) – eFiction Vol. 06, No. 01

Split Bamboo Screen, Smoke Rings, An Empty Glass, Sit Back – Relax, Ma Nilar – Five Poetry Magazine

Waso Lapyae, Less Talk – Less Enemies, Stained Bus Window – Empty Mirror

The Apartment – Elohi Gadugi

Pagoda Gone, City of Spring – Curbside Splendor

Gone – The Wayfarer

An Other – Mad Swirl

Black Heath – The Stray Branch, Issue 10

The Island – Press One, Vol. 5, #1

If I Go Before You Do – Mad Swirl

High Noon – Curbside Splendor

Dirt & Dust – Mad Swirl

Concrete Squares – Generations, Issue 2

Palanquins & Concubines – Prole, Issue 4

Nec Spe Nec Metu – Mad Swirl

The Farmer Express – Cha, The China Issue

Bebop (The Bird Sutra) – Kerouac’s Dog, Issue 2

Dear Angel – Letters to Los Angeles, Pale House

Lost in the System – Short, Fast & Deadly, Issue 50

Burn it all Away – Incandescent

6 Poems – New Mystics

Black & White Blues – Volume Issue 8 (The Black & White Issue)

The C-Factor – Southpaw, Issue#6

Behind Temple Walls – QLRS, Volume 9, Issue 3

Holograms Are We – Mad Swirl

Ring The Bell – Markings, Issue 30

Dukkha – The Bamboo Sea

Kilcash, Mu – Volume Issue 7 (The Green Issue)

An Inch of Jade – Mad Swirl

Crossing the Bridge – Turbulence 6

Autumn Leaves – Mad Swirl

East & West – Oklahoma Review Volume 11, Issue 1

White Crane Clouds – Leaf Garden Press, Issue 7

Hasta La Primavera – Mad Swirl

Fallen Leaves, Old King – The Foliate Oak, Volume 7, Issue 2

Shadows of Dust – From East to West, Fall 09


Spring Wanderings, Rivers & Lakes Press, 2010

Spring Wanderings chronicles author J.H. Martin’s travels through China, from town to village, city to countryside, up hills and down mountains, seeking the solitude of the peaks and the wisdom of the hermits who live there…

Available in selected book-stores in China and Singapore, Spring Wanderings is a remarkably fresh collection that should appeal to lovers of poetry, travel and China alike.

Spring Wanderings – Chap*Books Review

Spring Wanderings – Prick of the Spindle Review

Spring Wanderings – Midwest Book Review


Bebop (The Bird Sutra)

Honorable Mention in the 2010 Jack Kerouac Poetry Prize competition, judged by Michael McClure, part of the 4th Annual Jazz and Beat Festival: Beyond the Beat Generation, Davis, California.


The Bamboo Sea

An on-line collection of articles about China, Buddhism and Asian literature.