八詩 is a digital pamphlet of eight new poems by J H Martin.

Inspired by tales of the Eight Immortals (八仙), this short collection is in itself a journey of the spirit. Dream-like in essence but grounded by nature, the eight poems in this digital collection vibrate with an energy that is both universal and personal, as they weave their interconnected paths through this world and others. 

Available now for $2.99, 八詩 can be purchased here.


Edge of Humanity Magazine – Exposure


Edge of Humanity Magazine is an online platform that features writing, photography and artwork that deals with all aspects of the human condition, as well as the pressing social issues of our times.

Constantly updated, Edge of Humanity Magazine showcases work by artists, writers and photographers from all over the globe. This week, they give exposure to the photography of J H Martin, which you can view for free here.

Edge of Humanity Magazine: 东 – 西

东 – 西

Edge of Humanity Magazine is an online platform that features writing, photography and artwork that deals with all aspects of the human condition, as well as the pressing social issues of our times.

Constantly updated, Edge of Humanity Magazine showcases work by artists, writers and photographers from all over the globe. including  西; a poem by J H Martin, which you can read for free here.

Straylight – Peach Blossom Fool

Peach Blossom Fool

Straylight Literary Arts Magazine is an online and print literary arts magazine. Publishing innovative works of fiction, poetry, and art, both from the Americas and from around the world. Straylight prides itself on being on the edge of literary innovation.

Published biannually, their latest print issue is out now and features a fresh and eclectic mix of art, writing and poetry by artists from all over the world, including Peach Blossom Fool; a new poem by J H Martin.

To find out where and how you can buy a copy of Issue 13.2 of Straylight, please contact Straylight via their website, or follow them on the usual social media channels

Forbidden Peak Press – Country Cigars

Country Cigars

Forbidden Peak Press is a small literary journal based in Hanover, New Hampshire.

We focus on finding and publishing emerging and established writers, poets and travellers who use their language to add depth and understanding to our lives, and who demonstrate an affinity for the written word.

Their inaugural issue is out now, featuring a fresh and unique mixture of poetry, prose and travel writing from all corners of the globe, including Country Cigars; a creative piece of Sichuan based non-fiction by J H Martin.

You can read Country Cigars and the first issue of Forbidden Peak Press for free here.

Edge of Humanity Magazine – Shadows of Dust

Shadows of Dust

Edge of Humanity Magazine is an online platform that publishes a very wide and very diverse selection of writing and art that deals with all aspects of the human condition, as well as the pressing social issues of our times.

  Although corruption, greed and power have existed since the beginning of mankind, these and other destructive forces have systematically increased to out of control proportions in today’s financial, political and technologically interconnected world. Likewise, there is a tremendous urgency for people of all cultures to work together though open dialogue to continue to counterbalance inequality and make the world a better place for present and future generations

Constantly updated, Edge of Humanity Magazine showcases and supports art, writing and photography from artists, writers and photographers from every last part of this globe. including Shadows of Dust; a poem by J H Martin, which you can read here.

Curating Alexandria – 阳光

阳光 (Sunlight) - J H MARTIN 2018


Curating Alexandria is a new web and eBook publication dedicated to supporting new fiction and other new works of art centered around or inspired by classical mythology, folklore and legend.

To anyone paying attention, the world of publishing has radically changed in the last decade. To say that the market is crowded is an understatement. Social media allows anyone and everyone to present their lives as celebrity, to chatter in endless self promotion. Self publishing has lowered the bar for what creations enter the market. For many readers and authors, this has been a frustrating turn of events. Curating Alexandria exists, not to add to the noise, but to offer interested readers a well curated, well edited collection of emerging talent.

Their first anthology is now on sale and features new works on classic themes from artists all over the globe, including 阳光 – a new short piece of prose by J H Martin.

To help them continue to support new writing talent and to share the beauty of new works of art centered around or inspired by the most timeless of themes, you can purchase your own paperback copy of the anthology here.

Havik – Dawn Burial

Dawn Burial

Havik is an annual literary anthology assembled and curated by Las Positas College, Livermore, California. 

Their 2018 anthology: Rise, is out now, and features a diverse and vibrant mix of art, creative non-fiction, poetry and fiction from artists all over the world, including Dawn Burial; a short story set in China, by J H Martin.

To find out where and how you can both find and purchase your copy of Rise, please follow Havik on either Instagram or Facebook.

Empty Mirror – Dew Drops (4 Poems)

Dew Drops (4 Poems)

Empty Mirror opened its virtual doors on May 31, 2000. Empty Mirror was originally a book-selling site specializing in collectible Beat Generation and small press poetry books but over time added articles, essays, poetry, art, and Beat Generation resources.

In 2012, Empty Mirror re-launched as an online magazine and to this day publishes new essays, poetry, and art every Friday. This week, it features, Dew Drops (4 poems) by J H Martin, which you can read here.

First Class – 心潔



First Class Literary Magazine publishes handwritten fiction, non-fiction, reviews, art, poetry, critical essays and other experimental forms that can fit on a postcard.

You save a postcard because of the memory it triggers, because it carries meaning that extends far beyond its petite format. You read into its lines — nearly illegible chicken scratch about the rose garden leaning from the edge of Lake Superior, the strange snapshot of palpable uncertainty — for embedded details of place and hope and humanity.

Every Monday they publish a new postcard and this week they feature the postcard, 心潔 (Xin Jie) by J H Martin, which you can read here.


The Blotter – 势如破竹


The Blotter Magazine exists to nurture underground, outsider literature and art and to provide it to a wide audience.

We believe that the economic viability of good art and writing should not interfere with its life, liberty, or happiness; and we deliberately seek to avoid the pretension and “overintellectualism” for which the world of literature and art has become known.

In May, 2003, the magazine began distributing free at selected newsstands in the North Carolina Triangle area. Since then, our free distribution has expanded to other fine cities in the Southeast.

The material we publish is intelligent but we are anti-intellectual. We know that there is many a publication read only by its contributors and the occasional librarian. Our readers are an eclectic bunch, and our contributors run the gamut: precocious high-school kids, collegiate philosophers, working-class dogs surreptitiously typing during lunch, professional writers and artists, slackers, bartenders, and doctors, from all over the United States and Europe.

The November 2015 Issue of The Blotter is out now, featuring work by Annie Land, Jim Harrington, Shannon Brady, John Grey, Phil Juliano, The Dream Journal, and the short story, ‘势如破竹‘ by J H Martin.

If you are not in the North Carolina area, you can download a free PDF copy here.

FORTH – Drinking Shadows

Drinking Shadows

FORTH was founded in 2009 as a print publication in Los Angeles, and was relaunched as a digital magazine in June 2014.

In its digital pages, FORTH features a mixture of visual art, fiction, non-fiction and poetry, including the poem, ‘Drinking Shadows‘ by J H Martin, which you can read here.

Throughout history, the one element that has made us uniquely human is the ability to make art. This fascinating element of the human condition includes the capacity to think creatively, to produce ideas and images that help us figure out what our thoughts and feelings really mean, and to share them with the world at the click of a button. So here, in these strange digital pages, we explore, expose, and celebrate this forward-moving, always-evolving creative energy that makes us human.

eFiction – 雲鬢花顏金步搖


eFiction Publishing is a periodical production company that delivers the best in short fiction in monthly fiction magazines. eFiction publishes genre-specific magazines with each magazine available in all formats on the date of publication.

The company allows readers to read story submissions and vote on them. The highest voted stories are selected, edited, and then put into the issue.

eFiction Vol. 6 No. 01 is out now featuring, ‘Etiquette’ by William Masters, ‘Gunnin’ for More’ by Barnabei Parker, ‘Reflection’ by April Jones, ‘The Stonewall Deception’ by Daniel R. George, and, ‘雲鬢花顏金步搖 (The Prettiest Girl in Town)’ by J H Martin – a short story set in China.

The issue is available in all formats and costs just $3.99.

You can purchase your copy here.