Bebop (The Bird Sutra)

Bebop (The Bird Sutra)

A new version of a long poem by J H Martin, inspired by Charlie Parker, which in its previous incarnation received an Honorable Mention in the 2010 Jack Kerouac Poetry Prize competition, judged by Michael McClure, and part of the 4th Annual Jazz and Beat Festival: Beyond the Beat Generation, Davis, California.

Remastered using the very latest in first-thought technology, the new 2020 incarnation of Bebop (The Bird Sutra) is available to read/download for free here.

八詩 (8 Poems)

八詩  (8 Poems)

八詩 (8 poems) is a digital pamphlet of eight new poems by J H Martin.

Inspired by tales of the Eight Immortals (八仙), this short collection is in itself a journey of the spirit. Dream-like in essence but grounded by nature, the eight poems in this digital collection vibrate with an energy that is both universal and personal, as they weave their interconnected paths through this world and others. 

Available now for free, you can read/download a PDF copy of the collection here.

The Blotter: 势如破竹


The Blotter Magazine exists to nurture underground, outsider literature and art and to provide it to a wide audience.

We believe that the economic viability of good art and writing should not interfere with its life, liberty, or happiness; and we deliberately seek to avoid the pretension and “overintellectualism” for which the world of literature and art has become known.

In May, 2003, the magazine began distributing free at selected newsstands in the North Carolina Triangle area. Since then, our free distribution has expanded to other fine cities in the Southeast.

The material we publish is intelligent but we are anti-intellectual. We know that there is many a publication read only by its contributors and the occasional librarian. Our readers are an eclectic bunch, and our contributors run the gamut: precocious high-school kids, collegiate philosophers, working-class dogs surreptitiously typing during lunch, professional writers and artists, slackers, bartenders, and doctors, from all over the United States and Europe.

The November 2015 Issue of The Blotter is out now, featuring work by Annie Land, Jim Harrington, Shannon Brady, John Grey, Phil Juliano, The Dream Journal, and the short story, ‘势如破竹‘ by J H Martin.

If you are not in the North Carolina area, you can download a free PDF copy here.