Black Works – Le Monde

Le Monde

Black Works is a new specialised literary magazine from Underwood Press LLC. Published every three months, Black Works features art, poetry and fiction of a much darker hue.

Their second issue is out now and features darker tinged works by Rex Caleval, Christa Lubatkin, Ruth Gilmour, Winniebell Zong, George Burns, Amanda Dettmann, Richard Weems, and Stuart Forrest, as well as a new poemLe Monde – by J H Martin.

You can read the second issue of  Black Works for free here.


Forbidden Peak Press – Country Cigars

Country Cigars

Forbidden Peak Press is a small literary journal based in Hanover, New Hampshire.

We focus on finding and publishing emerging and established writers, poets and travellers who use their language to add depth and understanding to our lives, and who demonstrate an affinity for the written word.

Their inaugural issue is out now, featuring a fresh and unique mixture of poetry, prose and travel writing from all corners of the globe, including Country Cigars; a creative piece of Sichuan based non-fiction by J H Martin.

You can read Country Cigars and the first issue of Forbidden Peak Press for free here.

The Scene & Heard – Le Soleil


Le Soleil

The Scene & Heard is a literary and visual arts journal of artistic reflections, that promotes, celebrates and fosters the creative process of artists and writers by showcasing their work internationally.

Publishing seven print issues a year, as well as online through Medium, The Scene & Heard gives a global platform to art, photography, fiction, non-fiction and poetry, including Le Soleil, a new poem by J H Martin, which you can read here.

Obra / Artifact – 虚


虚 (Xū)

In the tradition of the bifurcated narratives of writers like Denis Johnson and Robinson Jeffers, this publication exists in tandem with itself: Obra constitutes the online wing, with the best of each online issue and other material being co-opted for hardcopy Artifact postcards that include poetry, prose and visual media…

We seek the reappraisal of traditional genre lines, looking to expose the new and exciting work being done around the Americas: anywhere that genre, medium, and craftsmanship are being broken down into their component parts and recombined in compelling ways, Obra / Artifact hopes to be…

Issue #3 of Obra / Artifact is out now. Entitled; ‘Mythos’, the issue is centred around the theme of myths and mythology, and features a fresh and eclectic mix of poesía (poetry), essais (non-fiction), and imaginação (fiction) from writers all over the world, including 虚 (Xū), a new short piece of fiction by J H Martin.

You can read, buy and download a copy of the new issue here.

Mulberry Fork Review – Blood Sky Blue


Blood Sky Blue

Mulberry Fork Review is a biannual literary magazine that is free to all.

Issue 5 is out now, featuring non-fiction by R. S. Steiberg, fiction by  Raymond Manuel Aguirre, Tad Bartlett, Lorna Brown, Frank Byrns, Jane-Rebecca Cannarella, James W. Davidson, Jr., Toni Davidson, Michael Ellman, Walter Girsbach, Melanie Greenwood, David Grogan, Sue Guiney, Taryn Marie Harbert, Matthew Hoch, Raima Larter, James Mulhern, Richard Pearse, Eric Rasmussen, Phyllis Rudin, Nidhi Singhi, Nancy Wade, and prose poetry by Kelly Collins, Rebecca Collins, Clint Dooley, Erika Eckhart, Deborah Guzzi, Peter Hogan, Sophie Jupillat,  Barbara Turney-Wieland and ‘Blood Sky Blue‘, a prose poem by J H Martin.