Black Works: Le Monde

Le Monde

Black Works is a new specialised literary magazine from Underwood Press LLC. Published every three months, Black Works features art, poetry and fiction of a much darker hue.

Their second issue is out now and features darker tinged works by Rex Caleval, Christa Lubatkin, Ruth Gilmour, Winniebell Zong, George Burns, Amanda Dettmann, Richard Weems, and Stuart Forrest, as well as a new poemLe Monde – by J H Martin.

You can read the second issue of  Black Works for free here.

Rue Scribe: Empty Rebus

Empty Rebus

Rue Scribe is the small literature journal of Underwood Press LLC.

“Think Small.”

It was the advertising slogan for the Volkswagen Beetle developed by the  Doyle Dane Bernbach agency in 1959.  Since then, it has been called the single best advertising campaign of the 20th Century. We think it fits us perfectly.

We think small as in Small Literature – small but powerful.

Get rid of any fluff. Distill it down to its essence and then distill it again.

Get to the point.  Get to the point, now.

Featuring a well packed and constantly updated supply of powerful short fiction and poetry, Rue Scribe also features Empty Rebus; a new poem by J H Martin, which you can read here.

Underwood: City Stained Rouge

City Stained Rouge

Underwood is the flagship magazine for Underwood Press LLC. 

It’s about the craft.

It always has been.  Compelling stories that are well told.

We are a micro press.  And we are a craft press.  We have Vandercooks in our bones, a Chandler & Price in the garage, and Heidleberg Windmills in our dreams.  Letterpress printing is our past and our future.  The ink that gives life to the machines stains our fingers and runs in our blood…

The inaugural issue of Underwood is out now and features. amongst many other fine, fine thingsCity Stained Rouge; a new short story by J H Martin.

You can read the first issue of Underwood here.