Genre: Urban Arts – Country of Mind

COUNTRY OF MIND - J H MARTIN (Moriyama Remix) 2018

Country of Mind

Genre: Urban Arts are a New York based group of creatives who utilize both print and digital platforms to share creativity in all its forms.

Offering a global platform to creativity, both in print and on-line, Genre: Urban Arts features a diverse and constant flow of work from artists all over the globe, including Country of Mind; a new poem by J H Martin, which you can read here.


Genre: Urban Arts – Monday – Monday


Monday – Monday

Genre: Urban Arts are a group of creatives who utilize both print and digital platforms to share creativity in all of its forms.

Our vision differs from other arts communities because we do not dis-aggregate art. We compartmentalize in enough of life. Our goal is to meditate on creativity. Discuss creativity. Display creativity. Collaborate creatively. Become eclipsed by creativity. Experiment with familiar and unchartered spaces of creativity.

Genre: Urban Arts Print Issue No. 4 is on sale now and features 84 pages of art, critical articles, photography, poetry and prose from contemporary artists all over the globe, including Monday – Monday; a new poem by J H Martin.

To help and support Genre: Urban Arts to continue to give a global platform to urban themed art in all of its forms, you can order your copy of Issue No. 4 here.

Be Untexed – January


IMG_20180204_230927_589 (1)January

Be Untexed is a Burma-based electronic journal published quarterly in February, May, August, and November. It was founded in 2016 by Han Lynn, Nyan Lynn and Nyi Sane, and publishes new writing and visual arts from all parts of the world.

Issue 3 is out now and features contributions by A Mon Moon, Aung Khin Myint, Aung Zaw, Bill Rankin, Graham W. Reid and Peggy Reid, Indra Wussow, Jesús SepúlvedaJ H Martin, Kenneth Wong, Ke` Su Thar, Ko Ko Thett, KSW (AKA Min Ye Eain), Lynn Moe Swe, Mae YwayMagdalena Horvat, Maung Day, Maung Pyiyt Min, Maung Theid Dhi, Melissa Carlson, Moe Way, Nara Ni, Nay ThitNikola Madzirov, Niq Mhlongo, Pandora, Paul Dresman, REMOTEWORDSSalai Myat Noe Thu, Stephen Cone WeeksVera Lossau and Zeyar Lynn.

You can read the new issue here.